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OMICS Group International is an online open access publisher and a scientific event organizer. OMICS Publishing Group publishes around 400 peer-reviewed scholarly Open access journals and OMICS Group Conferences organizes more than 300 international conferences every year in the light of sourcing the information the group publishes. With the mission of making healthcare and scientific information open access. In addition to providing free access to scientific information, this open access publisher and scientific event organizer collaborated with various national and international not-for-profit scientific associations Of around 1000. OMICS Group Meetings brings renowned speakers and scientists across the globe, poster presenters, young researchers, business-to-business partners, academicians, and industry professional. International conferences organized by OMICS Group are familiar in global networking; A Picture paints a Thousand words.

OMICS Group International brings together the work of leading minds in scientific fraternity all across the world to serve the humanity by making it possible for global sharing of knowledge through its Open Access Journals and Scientific Events. Open access journals uses the power of internet and multimedia to make knowledge available globally with one click away. OMICS Group International have joined forces to create the largest gathering of the scientific researchers community in the world, with hands-on expertise in conducting events and business sessions such as International conferences, World Congress, Symposia and Workshops which helps you to change your business by bringing you face-to-face with the investors and practitioners. OMICS Group International conducts most prominent Science conferences with their respective theme.

OMICS Group Cancer conferences focusses on bone cancer, brain tumor, breast cancer, colorectal cancer, endocrine tumor, head and neck cancer, lung cancer, melanoma, prostate cancer, testicular cancer, thyroid cancer and cervical cancer. OMICS Group Cancer conferences provides robust discussions on comprehensive, overview, medical illustrations, risk factors, prevention, symptoms & signs, diagnosis, stages, treatment options, about clinical trials, coping with side effects, after treatment and latest research in the field of cancer.

OMICS Group International is actively involved in conducting International Conferences 2014-2015, across USA (Baltimore, Philadelphia, Las Vegas, San Antonio) and almost all other parts of the world. With the rapid increase in the number of conferences, OMICS Group International exaggerates with highly designed scientific tracks which were planned to deliver keynote presentations by high affiliated scientists all around the world across a wide range of community between industry and academia. Through our keynote presentations we offer great motivational speech as well as up to date research in the particular field of science, indeed by the effort with our sponsors to make sure that planned event and worldwide events turn into a far more than just a day of encouragement.

OMICS Group International provides special forum to the researchers wherein they can communicate with Scientists form diversified fields at our congress. We offer this platform to the researchers to establish or to extend their scientific network. Our academic conferences always honored the high affiliated and renowned speakers as Organizing Committee Member position and will be facilitated with the special momentous during the event. Professors and Associate professors will have priority to chair a session of his/her interest. Renowned speakers get waivers during the International conference.